The SystemLog module stores system events in a persistent log as they occur, aimed at monitoring failures, warnings and notices that usually generated by core modules.


  • eventsToLog An array of the SystemLogEvent class names to be stored in the log. The events not listed here will not be logged even if they're triggered. Set it to false to log all events. Default: false

  • tableName The name of the table in the database where the log events will be stored. Default: cherrycake_systemLog.

  • cacheProviderName The name of the cache provider to use. Default: engine.

  • databaseProviderName The name of the database provider to use. Default: main.

  • cacheKeyUniqueId The unique cache key to use when storing events into cache. Default: QueuedSystemLogEvents.

  • isQueueInCache Whether to store events in a buffer using cache for improved performance instead of storing them in the database straightaway. Default: true.

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