JanitorTask methods

getConfig( key )

Gets a configuration value.

  • key The configuration key

Returns: The configuration value.


Initializes the JanitorTask, called automatically when the JanitorTask is loaded. Contains any specific initialization for the task. Intended to be overloaded by specific tasks when needed.

Returns: A boolean specifying whether the JanitorTask was initialized ok or failed.

run( baseTimestamp )

Performs the tasks for what this JanitorTask is meant. Must be overloaded by a higher level JanitorTask class.

  • baseTimestamp The base timestamp to use for time-based calculations when running this task. Usually, now.

Returns: An array with the following values:

  • One of the JANITORTASK_EXECUTION_RETURN_? available constants indicating the result of the task execution.

  • The description of the task result, or a hash array of information on the result of the task execution.

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