Skeleton start

Start a Cherrycake app using the pre-built skeleton, a simple "Hello world" web app ready to run.

The Cherrycake Skeleton is a GitHub repository you can download or clone that leaves you with a boilerplate Cherrycake application ready to run and to be modified.

Instead of creating the files and directories you need each time you create a new Cherrycake application, you download a Cherrycake skeleton and start working straightaway.

The Cherrycake Skeleton additionally provides you with other useful files, like the SQL scripts to setup the database tables needed by some Cherrycake core modules or the cli.php file you'll need to run CLI applications.

Starting an app with a Cherrycake Skeleton

First, clone or download the Cherrycake Skeleton:

git clone CherrycakeApp

Now download the dependencies with composer:

composer update

Follow the Setting up the web server section of the documentation and you should be ready to go!

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