Files structure

Let's take a look at how are directories organized in a typical Cherrycake App setup, and the file naming conventions.

The root of your Cherrycake App directory. Can be placed anywhere in your server, a usual choice would be /var/www/AppName

In its most basic form, it contains at least one important file:

  • composer.json

    • Cherrycake uses composer to manage dependencies. Modify this file to add your own dependencies if needed. To make your Cherrycake application work, the dependency tin-cat/cherrycake-engine is required.

Other files and directories

There are some other non-required files and directories in a typical Cherrycake app, you'll find some of them there if you create your Cherrycake App using a boilerplate like the Cherrycake Skeleton.

If you've used the Cherrycake Skeleton to start your app, you'll also find this files in your app's root directory:

  • cherrycake

    • An executable script that allows you to perform a cli call to the Cherrycake application from the server command line.

  • LICENSE_Cherrycake

    • This contains the license disclaimer for the Cherrycake engine, please keep this file untouched in all your Cherrycake projects.

  • cli.php

    • A PHP script to launch a cli request to the Cherrycake application. This PHP file is used by the cherrycake script.

  • load.php

    • A convenience loader for the Cherrycake engine, used by any other scripts that need to run the Cherrycake engine, like cli.php, or public/index.php

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