Docker start

Set up a development environment with a skeleton "Hello world" Cherrycake web app to start working in just a few minutes using Docker.

Please note that the Cherrycake Docker project only runs in Linux. Should work in Mac Os too, but hasn't been tested yet.

First of all if you haven't done it before, install Docker.

Clone or download the Cherrycake Docker project:

git clone CherrycakeAppDocker

Once in the Cherrycake Docker directory, use the cherrycake script to interact with the docker project. Run ./cherrycake without any argument to see a list of all the available commands:


Note that, depending on your Docker installation, you might need root privileges to run the ./cherrycake script. In such cases, use sudo ./cherrycake instead.

To start the server, use the start command:

./cherrycake start

Once the initial build is complete, you'll have a working development environment ready:

  • Access http://localhost on your browser to see the running app.

  • Access http://localhost:8080 to admin your database (User root, no password)

  • Your Cherrycake app is stored under the /app directory, start working there!

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