Cherrycake provides you with an optimized way of interacting with the primordial objects of your app.

Items are Cherrycake's conceptualization of the fundamental objects stored in a database. For example, in an e-commerce site, a product would be an Item, but also would a user, a product category or an invoice.

The most interesting benefits of working with Items in Cherrycake are:

  • Items can be easily retrieved, updated or deleted from the database, there's no need to implement your own database access code.

  • All security-sensible operations with Items are supervised by the Cherrycake Security mechanisms.

  • Items get all the performance and caching benefits of Cherrycake right out of the box.

  • Items support multi language fields, multi-timezone date-time fields, automatic URL slug generation and much more.

See the Items guide to learn how to work with Items in Cherrycake

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