Database guide

The Database module provides your Cherrycake application with a standardized interface to connect to database servers like MySQL and MariaDB.

Database providers

To connect to database servers you must configure a database provider. Just like with the Cache module, you can configure multiple providers to connect to multiple databases at the same time.

Cherrycake is currently only compatible with MySQL and MariaDB servers.

Database providers are configured in the Database configuration file Database.config.php.For example, if you want to connect to a MySQL database server, your Cache configuration file would look like this:


namespace Cherrycake;

$DatabaseConfig = [
    "providers" => [
        "main" => [
            "providerClassName" => "DatabaseProviderMysql",
            "config" => [
                "host" => "localhost",
                "user" => "user",
                "password" => "password",
                "database" => "cherrycake",
                "charset" => "utf8mb4",
                "cacheProviderName" => "engine"

Note we called our database provider main

Modules that depend on Database

Just like Cache, some other modules use Database for many purposes, for example: The Session module uses a database connection to store information about sessions.

That's why in the Cherrycake Skeleton boilerplate you'll find the /install directory containing some SQL scripts to create the tables some this modules need.

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