Request methods

__construct( setup )

  • setup A hash array of optional setup values with the following possible keys

    • isSecurityCsrf Whether this request must implement CSRF security or not.

    • pathComponents An array of RequestPathComponent objects defining the components of this request, in the same order on which they're expected.

    • parameters An array of RequestParameter objects of parameters that might be received by this request.

    • additionalCacheKeys A hash array containing additional cache keys to make this request's cached contents different depending on the values of those keys.

buildUrl( setup )

Builds a valid URL for the request.

  • setup A hash array with the following possible keys

    • locale An optional string indicating the locale name for which to build the Url. If not specified, the current locale's domain will be used when isAbsolute is true. When specified, returned Url will be absolute.

    • parameterValues An optional hash array containing the values for the variable path components and for the GET parameters, if any.

    • isIncludeUrlParameters Includes the GET parameters in the URL. The passed parameterValues will be used, or the current request's parameters if no parameterValues are specified. Defaults to true.

    • isAbsolute Whether to generate an absolute URL containing additionally http(s):// and the domain of the App. Defaults to false

    • isHttps Set it to true to generate an https URL, false to generate an http URL or auto to auto-detect based on the current request.

Returns: A string containing the URL.

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